Vegan Beer Picker

Search for a beer by name or keyword. (You might want to be somewhat specific, because the RateBeer results will truncate if there are too many hits.) The left table shows vegan information from Barnivore, and the right table shows general information from RateBeer. Click or touch a row in either table to save it for the remainder of your session in a personal table - if you search for a new beer, those saved ones will stick around for comparison. This app is still in early development, but I hope you find it useful even at this stage. It was inspired by my experiences browsing for nice beers in shops, when I found it frustrating to hold information for several beers in my head at once, especially given that I had to keep switching between 2 different sites on mobile to get that information in the first place. Most vegans probably don't know that beer is sometimes nonvegan. Even after finding out, it might be hard to remember or to take it seriously. With that in mind, the goal of this app is to make picking high-quality vegan beer as easy as possible, so we can all do our part as conscientious consumers with a minimum of personal inconvenience.

This app depends on YQL, which has recently changed its policies, breaking the app. I am actively seeking a work-around.