Evan Sandhoefner

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I'm a fourth-year undergraduate at Harvard University studying computer science and economics. I'm originally from Anaheim, California. I enjoy rock climbing, listening to music, and playing string instruments. My academic interests include futurism, artificial intelligence, moral philosophy, public policy, and physics. A few of my projects are highlighted below. To see what else I've been up to over the years, take a look at my resume!

Data Visualizations

Farm Animal Suffering Comparisons

American Electoral Politics: The Past 100 Years

What Makes an Elite Rock Climber?

Subreddit Word Clouds

Applications and Extensions



Gravity Trainer

Custom Catan

Connect Four AI: Interactive Game and Two-AI Showdown

Elo Win Rate Calculator


Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty

Buying Enemies: Why Foreign Assistance Endangers US Security Interests and Directions for Reform